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Wood Grandfather Clocks, Oak, Cherry & Longcase Grandfather Clocks

Grandfather Clocks are visually captivating pieces of workmanship, and the wood grandfather clocks we've assembled in this section easily carry on this tradition. Find cherry wood and oak grandfather clocks in a variety of styles, each sure to bring a welcome air of sophistication to any room in which you choose to place it.

Discover the appeal of a traditional longcase grandfather clock by exploring our Grandfather Clocks section today.

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Grandfather Clock - Galileo pendulum

You Can be Among the "Rich and Famous" ....  Enhance Your Home with a Gorgeous Grandfather Clock !

Originally known as "Longcase Grandfather Clocks", or "tall case grandfather clocks", Grandfather Clocks were first produced in 1670. What used to be a popular fixture in the homes of only the upper classes, today we offer Grandfather Clocks that are elegantly styled and finely detailed at 


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Quality craftsmanship, dependable movements and excellent woodworking all combine to create a beautiful Grandfather Clock for you or your loved ones that will last a lifetime. Expertly finished in either deep cherry (made of linden wood) or oak (made of ash). They have dependable 31 day key wind movements. You wind them once per month. The movement is driven by the springs you wind instead of the weight. The Grandfather Pendulum Clock chimes are created by two hammers hitting two chime pin rods. It is hard to beat these dependable inexpensive grandfather clocks.

            Delivery is FAST and FREE* !  We ship your Grandfather Clock the same day or next business day. Depending on where you live, 1 to 5 business days for typical delivery. Once received, assembly of your Grandfather Clock will take less than half and hour. All technical parts pertaining to the clock head and clock movement are pre assembled and require no further attention.  


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